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TKN Chants At 2023 AVP Chicago Open, Nursing Kristen Back To Health & The Stinky Guy On The Plane

Taryn Kloth and Kristen Nuss won the 2023 AVP Chicago Gold Series for the 2nd consecutive year, but there was a lot that went on behind the scenes that the ESPN broadcast didn't show. The stands were filled with TKN Nation, and they were LOUD! Kristen and Taryn share what it was like to hear the TKN chants from all sides of the court and weigh in on how they feel they've affected the sport of beach volleyball. But before that Championship game, Kristen started to cramp up and question whether she'd be able to play in the finals. With lots of aid from TKN's parents as well as their coach Drew Hamilton, Kristen was nursed back to health just in time to win another AVP title. But the stories don't stop there. Kristen and Taryn also tell an exclusive story about the stinky man they were stuck next to on a plane. Tune in to this episode of Small Talk And Tall Tales with Kristen Nuss and Taryn Kloth for lots of chills and laughs.

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