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Tiger Girls Share The Road To The Natty… And Their Love For Brian Kelly

WHAT’S GOOD?! Abby Alonzo checkin’ in… NOT at the PMAC this time. We did a late night interview at Football Ops on Thursday… with the most recent National Champions - the Tiger Girls!

(Isn’t it wild that I had to specify WHICH National Champions I was talking about because LSU has so many of them? SPORTS SCHOOL.)

Jessie Mirabal, Amani Williams, Maya Snell, Kennedy Butterfield and Jillian Miller made some time to sit on the turf and tell me about their journey to Orlando and winning first in Hip-Hop and third in Jazz (for the first time ever in program history!)

The girls also shed light on the misconceptions that come with being a Tiger Girl. They’re on the sidelines for every football game, basketball game and baseball game… but they also have their own competitions. Imagine cheering on every other sport while also trying to bring home a title in your own…

These girls sacrifice so much and are often overlooked for how much work, time and dedication they put into doing what they love. It’s not easy to balance school, practice and every sporting event; yet they do it seamlessly with smiles on their faces.

Yes, we got deep; but we also talked about the $5MM mansion they got to stay in and why their profile pictures are all little chihuahuas dressed like Michael Jackson. AndI was even able to surprise them with a cute little congratulatory message from Brian Kelly, courtesy of my angel of a friend Grace Kelly. (Jillian and Maya are BK super fans, so their reaction was priceless.)

And if you really want peak entertainment, I attempted to learn an 8-count of a literal championship-winning routine. I’m not sure why I thought it’d be a good idea to subject myself to learning a dance on camera after taking ten years off.. But hey, at least I could provide a laugh.

These girls are the definition of dedication and positivity. To be able to perfect their own skill while supporting every other sport is something serious. They’re troopers and deserve more credit than they get.

Get to know these beautiful women by checking out this edition of Valley Vision!

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