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Skenes In The Show This Year?

It’s pretty highly anticipated that Paul Skenes will make his MLB debut this season, right? Well, if you didn’t think so already, MLB Pipeline just gave you more of a reason to believe it.

After finishing last season as the No. 3 prospect in all of baseball, Skenes, again, fills the No. 3 spot in the rankings. On top of that, he also fills the No.1 spot for pitching prospects.

I mean are we really surprised at this point?

After going first overall to the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 2023 MLB Draft, Skenes finished his first professional season with 10 strikeouts, 5 hits and 2 walks in 6.2 innings pitched. Skenes moved up the system pretty quickly, making it up to double-A before the season wrapped.

No doubt the man makes it to The Show this year.

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