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Monday Night Football Bets & MLB Postseason Bets ft. Davante Adams, Jimmy G, Bryce Harper (8/9/23)

Bets And Breaks has you covered with NFL news, MLB bets and NFL bets. NFL Week 5 is wrapping up with a Monday Night matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Las Vegas Raiders. Abby Alonzo gives an NFL injury report that could affect plenty of fantasy teams, sports bets and card stocks. And Anthony Ranaudo breaks down his best bets for the MLB postseason games.

The MLB Postseason is rolling into the divisional records:

MLB Divisional Round:

Texas Rangers (2-0) vs. Baltimore Orioles (0-2)

Minnesota Twins (1-1) vs. Houston Astros (1-1)

Philadelphia Phillies (1-0) vs. Atlanta Braves (0-1)

Arizona Diamondbacks (1-0) vs. Los Angeles Dodgers (0-1)

Abby Alonzo’s picks today:

PARLAY: (+204)

-Davante Adams Anytime TD

-Jimmy Garoppolo O 32.5 PA

Anthony Ranaudo’s picks today:

-Brycer Harper/Corbin Carrol O 0.5 H +119 $25

-Trea Turner/Acuna Jr. H, Wheeler 4+ Ks +100

-Devante Adams 50+ yards/Anytime TD +150 with a 50% boost

Home Run or Hits + Runs + RBI Parlay

Shwarber/Acuna Jr, Will Smith O 1.5 (H+R+RBI) +3200

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