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Kiya Johnson Full Circle Moment After Scoring Perfect 10 Against Team She Tore Achilles Against

Yep, I’m back. And we’ve got more sick content for y’all!

I headed to the LSU Gymnastics Facility on Tuesday to sit down with Kiya Johnson. And yes, we did actually sit down. No interactive gymnastics activities… can’t risk injury, duh.

But we did have a fire conversation. Kiya shed light on what it felt like to score a 10 on floor not only for the first time in the PMAC this season, but that score came against the same team she tore her achilles against last year.

She also talked about what it’s been like to be a leader on the team, what she aspires to do with her future, how she and the team maintain confidence in a packed PMAC and what it was like to meet U.S. Olympian Aly Raisman…. (According to Kiya, she fangirled. But who wouldn’t?)

Kiya spoke about wanting to leave a legacy that screamed perseverance behind, and you can’t say she’s not well on her way there. When I asked her to describe herself in three words, she struggled. Gym Sports Information Director Alyssa Leal helped her out and threw out the words ‘hardworking’ and ‘joyful,’ and Kiya came up with the third one - intentional.

Check out this week’s Valley Vision exclusive for more on Kiya and her journey!

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