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Jordan Wright Lets Abby Alonzo Win Free Throw Contest… Or Did He?

Updated: Jan 22

Abby Alonzo checkin’ in - back at the PMAC… but this time with LSU Men’s Basketball guard Jordan Wright!

Jo and I shot around, talking about his career at Vanderbilt before heading back home to LSU, how he immediately clicked with head coach Matt McMahan, his aspirations of becoming an NBA GM and the pros and cons of being able to play in front of his family every home game.

I’ll give him credit - he did his best not to laugh at my shooting.. Though he did point out that I’m better at mid-range shots rather than lay-ups, which is kinda backwards but very true. But for those of you that saw me shoot with Aneesah Morrow, I think we can agree that I’ve improved.

I challenged Jo to a free throw contest after we talked ball, and I won. Fair and square. We each had 60 seconds to make as many as we could (I did actually give him 10 extra seconds). For context though, he did shoot with his left hand. Lame because it felt like he let me win. But I’ll take it - especially because I racked eight, and he didn’t think I’d make five. I’ll take it. But I did challenge him to a rematch after the season - only extra rule is that he has to shoot with his right hand.

But on the real, Jordan was incredibly humble and kind. He’s well-spoken and definitely has all the makings of holding an administrative role in the league. He believes that working as hard as you can at something you love will give you results you’re happy with… and he’s proven that throughout his career.

If you love LSU Men’s Basketball, check out the interview and get to know one of the team’s top players!

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