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FIT CHECK - LSU Tiger Girls FIRE Nationals Costumes Were A Custom Twist On MJ’s “Smooth Criminal” Fit

Y’all know we’re not just about the on-the-court stuff. Don’t get me wrong, we love breaking down the X’s and O’s, but we also like to mix a little Tiger Tea in there! So, we’ve decided we’re gonna dive into the LSU culture and give y’all some fashion content, too!

First up? The LSU Tiger Girls. Not only did they win 1st in Hip-Hop and 3rd in Jazz at the 2024 UDA Nationals, we’d argue that they were also the best dressed!

Their twist on Michael Jackson’s outfit from the music video of the 1988 hit “Smooth Criminal” were ICONIC.

The entire costume was custom-designed by Queen Of Sparkles - a popular clothing and accessory brand in Baton Rouge known for its unique, vibrant and SPARKLY pieces that dress some of the most recognizable names in the LSU community, including Kim Mulkey.

The kicks, of course, were Nike Panda Dunks that the team added rhinestones to themselves.

Now, we’re not taking anything away from the performance and the skills that won another Natty, but the costumes were definitely the icing on the cake.

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