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Brad Wing makes NFL Comeback

There are so many reasons why we fall in love and watch sports, and I am bout to fill your hearts with a new story that is one to remember.

About a year ago, I wrote an article talking about the former NFL/LSU punter and Australian native, Brad Wing making a football comeback via the XFL, and this year I am writing about another one of his comebacks.

This time in the NFL.

Brad has become a true friend in the past few years, often stopping in the shop and coming to shows with Jonah and I— and following his football journey has been as wild as it is inspiring.

This past weekend, Abby and Jonah and I all road tripped to Houston after Brad called us this week telling us he had been added the Steelers practice squad with hopes he would be activated and play Sunday against the Texans.

So, on Friday the news broke he was activated and would be the punter for the Steelers Sunday afternoon in Houston after 6 years from his last NFL snap.

Brad had punted on the LSU football team, often notoriously known for his taunting penalty after faking a punt against Florida, then played with Pittsburgh and New York in the NFL.

At one time, he signed to be the highest paid punter in history. He was in a Nicki Minaj music video while playing on the same team as his best friend from LSU, Odell Beckham Jr.

Then, it went away.

Like most professional sports league, it is really hard to stay. It’s why we celebrate players who play forever and in the same city for years.

It’s rare. It’s hard.

And Brad Wing found himself away from football for six years.

Over that time, he grew up— he had some lows, but found what he needed to find and got a second chance at football through the USFL and XFL and eventually proved himself worthy and showed enough people the positive energy he brings everywhere he goes.

Brad shows up at the shop with his son, Bentley a few times a week and can have a conversation with anyone in the room— often making people laugh and making jokes with his Australian accent about damn near everything.

Walking into NRG Stadium to the national anthem, spotting Brad on the field and seeing him in uniform with tens of thousands of people in the stands was a far stretch from the Las Vegas XFL stadium we watched him in in March earlier this year.

It may be one of the most miraculous things I have been involved in in my life.

You can catch our vlog, and see how emotional it was for all of us.

Brad was on the field plenty as the Steelers offense was abysmal, and the watching him kneel and take a moment after the game was probably one of the greatest moments of happiness I have felt for another human being.

The Steelers play the Ravens this weekend in Pittsburgh— make sure to show Brad, show love and follow his journey. Great player, great Dad, great dude.


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