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Becky Fos, Jacob Hester, Brielle Viator, Tommy White, Dwier Brown, Jordan Spector | The Up & In Show

The Up & In Show took to the road this weekend, as Anthony Ranaudo went to Mandeville, Louisiana for the Buy-You Collectables Show where he was able to interview a number of local celebrities and athletes.

LSU Baseball's Tommy White sat down for a brief interview and spoke about hitting the walk-off home run to send LSU to the College World Series Finals against Florida. He spoke about hte moment of beating Wake Forest and what it means to be a part of the LSU baseball organization under Head Coach jay Johnson. He gave due respect to Dylan Crews and Paul Skenes and mentioned he just tried to mimic his game and work ethic off of those two guys and let his play on the field reflect that.

Former LSU Football player, Jacob Hester, sat down with Anthony Ranaudo to talk about DT Mekhi Wingo being awarded the coveted number 18 jersey for the LSU football team. Hester mentions how the players who previously wore the number 18 are essentially a fraternity of guys who are there for each other and support each other, most recently, when Foster Moreau was struggling with health issues, he was supported by the former number 18s at LSU in their group message.

Jordan Spector got his local fame in the art community by painting a piece of art of Joe Burrow smoking a cigar after winning the College Football Playoff in 2019. He has since done work for Drew Brees, Jalen Hurts, and more athletes. Jordan is currently working on a new project, releasing custom sports cards of some of his favorite athletes from Philadelphia.

Dwier Brown, most famously known as John Kinsella, Ray Kinsella's father in Field of Dreams, sat down with Anthony Ranaudo for a brief interview. In one of the most entertaining interviews of the day, Dwier Brown shared stories of Kevin Costner as he was working on multiple projects during the filming of Field of Dreams, and was right on the cusp of becoming an A-list actor. He also shared a story, for the first time on camera, about the passing of his biological father during his filming of Field of Dreams. He shared a story about driving from his own father's funeral, to portray a deceased father who would return for one last game of catch with his son. Brown goes in depth on what that role meant for him, and how he was able to process his true emotions and feelings in real time, and the public could see it on camera without knowing the reality of the situation he was currently experiencing.

Becky Fos is Texas native who has lived in New Orleans for the last 17 years and has developed a following for her art. She is well-loved and highly admired within the art community and most famously known for her portrayals of the Louisana state bird, the pelican, as well as her depictions of oysters in her art. Becky is a rockstar in the art community and we look forward to developing a working relationship with her as our respective careers continue to move forward.

Brielle Viator is a graphic designer who was the mastermind behind the creation of the Buy-You Collectables Show. She also owns her own company, as a young entrepreneur, titled The Social Sense. You can find her on Instagram @thesocial.sense and you should reach out to her for any graphic design needs!

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