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Back Yard Baller - Lance Yates Finishes His Golf Career Right Where It Started

What’s up, y’all! Abby Alonzo back with another interactive interview; told y’all - we’re doing it different round here.

A few weeks ago, we made a day trip to U-Club to meet LSU men’s golfer Lance Yates at the practice facility. Anthony Ranaudo and I got golf lessons from Lance; he shared his story while we did our best not to hit ground balls LOL. I’ll be the first to say, golf swings and baseball/softball swings are COMPLETELY different.

Yates gave us the rundown of how he switched from baseball to golf, how he ended up back at LSU playing on the course he grew up practicing on (no literally, the U-Club golf course was his backyard) and what it was like to be an LSU fan while playing golf for North Florida.

And of course, he kicked both of our butts in a putting contest to round out the interview. Comical that either of us even thought we had a shot at beating him.

Lance is so personable and one of the most down-to-earth athletes I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He’s just a guy who likes to golf. And he likes to look good while he does it.

Be sure to check out Lance Yates’ interview and give some love to LSU Men’s golf!

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